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What kind of property insurance
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If you live in Japan or own property in Japan, be sure to take out property insurance to prepare for various natural disasters. Property insurance, what we call “fire insurance” generally in Japan, covers not only natural disasters, but also damage caused by accidents that may happen in your daily life, such as fire, lightning, snow, flood, theft, and water leakage. Property insurance covers your buildings and household goods, and in addition to that, it is essential to purchase earthquake insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is an insurance policy to be taken out when you do not live in the house you own, but rent it out to others.

Residents Insurance

Residents insurance is an insurance policy to be taken out when you are living in the house you own.

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is an insurance policy for residents renting property.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance covers damage caused by earthquake, eruption or tsunami.

Application procedure for property insurance

The application process is completed by email. You do not need to visit our office, nor send us any forms or documents through the mail. You can apply for insurance with your computer or smartphone from your home or wherever you are.

Why choose Pliant?

Multilingual services

We offer insurance in Japan to customers who need services in English, Chinese, and Korean. We have clients in 13 countries around the world.

Exclusive agent for
Sompo Japan

Sompo Japan was the first fire insurance company in Japan and has the longest history in fire insurance. Pliant is an exclusive insurance agent for Sompo Japan.

40 years of experience

Pliant was founded in 1981 in Sasebo, Nagasaki. We provide not only the best insurance but also peace of mind to our customers based on our many years of experience and achievements.

Head office in Nagasaki

We have two offices in different locations. Even if a disaster hits Tokyo and the Tokyo office is inoperative, the staff in Nagasaki will be available to assist our clients.

Client Testimonials

Here are some recent comments from a survey conducted on customers who applied for insurance with us.

The agent (Yumi) strong language proficiency greatly facilitated the entire process from explanation, documentation requirements, payment.


3 MAY 2023

We were very satisfied with the super responsive and professional customer service representatives. The process of arranging insurance was very smooth.


14 APR 2023

Lots of patience with my many mistakes made due to unfamiliar with Japan language


29 MAR 2023

A very simple process … Congratulations … !!!

Serge Yanez

23 MAR 2023

response was quick and the application procedure was relatively easy


17 MAR 2023

Clear explanation of coverage and simplicity of options to choose from.

Michael Chen

28 FEB 2023

Very prompt reply and communication in English

Abhijit Sen

24 FEB 2023

I was particularly impressed with the swift response from staff and the ability to conclude the whole insurance procedure in less than a day.


7 DEC 2022

Smooth service and clear explanations with quick feedback in English. The quote (coverage / price) was competitive. One thing that would be helpful is to have a full view of the opt-in / opt-out options that we can subscribe to so we have the “whole picture” of the range of possivles.

Daniel J

17 NOV 2022

This website offers general information only. Do not rely solely on this website in making insurance decisions. Insurance plans vary widely, both in cost and benefits. If you need further information, please read the policy and disclosure statement to get specific information about the benefits and costs and how the product works, or please feel free to get in touch with Pliant Inc. or Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Insurance Agent:  Pliant Inc.
Headquarters: 1828-49 Hino, Sasebo, Nagasaki
Phone: 0956-28-2425 Business hours: Mon-Fri 900-1800
Tokyo Branch: #1165 3-21 Kandanishikicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 
Phone: 03-5259-8560 Business hours: Mon-Fri 1000-1800

Underwriting Insurance Company: Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.