Earthquake insurance

About “Earthquake Insurance”

This covers damage caused by fire, damage, burial, and spillage caused directly or indirectly by an earthquake, eruption, or tsunami.

• Earthquake insurance covers residential buildings and household goods.

• Property insurance does not cover damage caused by a fire due to an earthquake. For earthquake fire coverage, we have a separate insurance called “Earthquake Fire Insurance”.

• Earthquake insurance is a supplementary policy to property insurance, so it is a prerequisite to purchase property insurance. Please take out earthquake insurance together with property insurance. If you already have property insurance, you can take out earthquake insurance even in the middle of the policy period.

• The purpose of earthquake insurance is to contribute to the stabilization of the lives of victims of earthquakes and other disasters, and it consists of government reinsurance of earthquake losses that exceed a certain amount of the earthquake insurance liability assumed by private insurance companies. If you want to receive additional compensation, you can obtain additional special coverage.

What types of property are covered?

Earthquake insurance covers detached houses, condominiums, or apartments that are used as a residence. Buildings used only as stores and offices are not covered by earthquake insurance.

What can be insured?

You can take out insurance for your building and household goods.

What kind of accidents does “Earthquake Insurance” cover?

Insurance will be paid if the damage is caused by fire (including spreading fire), destruction, burial, or spillage caused by an earthquake. The insurance will be paid when the insured property is certified as “Total loss”, “Large half loss”, “Small half loss”, or “Partial loss”. For more information, please refer to the website of Ministry of Finance .

What special coverage options are offered?

 Earthquake Insurance(Earthquake fire 30plan/50plan)

In case of fire damage caused by an earthquake, the Earthquake Fire 50 Plan will cover up to 100% of the fire insurance amount together with the earthquake insurance and earthquake fire cost insurance.