Residents insurance

About “Residents Insurance” *

Residents insurance is an insurance policy to be taken out when you are living in the house you own. The owner of a building must be prepared for damage to the building and household goods caused by accidents that may occur in daily life, such as fire, lightning, typhoons and other natural disasters, theft, and water leakage from water pipes. In addition, it is necessary to have coverage for the risk of being legally liable for damages if you or a family member injures another person or damages another person’s property due to an accident in daily life.

*Coverage details, product/rider names, etc. vary by insurance company.

What types of property are covered?

Residents insurance covers detached houses, condominiums, or apartments used as a residence.

What can be insured?

Building and household goods, or building only.

What kind of accidents does “Residents Insurance” cover?

Insurance will be paid in the event of damage caused by fire, lightning, rupture/explosion, wind, hail, snow, water, falling/flying/colliding objects from outside the building, water leakage, violent acts associated with disturbances or group activities, theft/damage/defacement due to theft, or unforeseen and unexpected accidents.

What special coverage options are offered?

・Personal liability cover

Personal liability cover compensates in case you or your family injure another person or damage the property of another person due to an accident, resulting in legal liability.

・Personal belongings cover

Personal belongings cover compensates for damage to your personal belongings caused by an unexpected and sudden accident occurring outside the property. However, as a prerequisite, you must have household goods insurance. The deductible is 10 thousand yen. For the insurance amount, you can choose either 500,000 yen or 1 million yen.

・Spreading fire damage cover

If a fire by negligence from your property caused damage to a nearby property or household goods, you are not legally liable for damages, but this special coverage compensates damage to nearby property or
household goods.

・Earthquake Insurance (Earthquake fire 30plan/50plan)

In case of fire damage caused by an earthquake, the Earthquake Fire 50 Plan will cover up to 100% of the fire insurance amount together with the earthquake insurance and earthquake fire cost insurance.