The first step for moving…

There are a lot of things you should take care of when moving. Once you’ve figured out the timing, book your moving company (you can search ‘List of English friendly moving companies in Japan’ and cancelled/set up utilities such as electricity, Gas, Water, Wi-Fi and etc.).

English guidance for Tokyo area




*For the Wi-Fi: The company in charge of installing your Internet connection in your home will generally provide one of two main types of broadband Internet access.

Be sure to check with your management and the company that is in charge of installing the Internet connection when choosing and Internet connection type as the type of connection you are able to use will vary depending on your address and the building.

The next step would be to register your new address.

Here are a few things to remember:

◇ Japan is still largely paper-based. Depending on where you live and the kind of services offered, it might be best to change your address manually. But if you would happen to live in a larger city, it’s likely that most of these can be done online.

◇ If you’re personally venturing somewhere to change your address:

- Try to go early in the morning or late at noon on a weekday to avoid long lines.

- Remember to bring all of your identification documents (e.g., passport, residence card) to make everything speedy and to avoid a second trip.

These are the basic lists based on level of importance. Of course, if any of these are time sensitive, then it might be better for you to prioritize them first instead.

1.Ward Office

Every resident in Japan is required to notify their ward of their new address within 14 days of moving. There should be information available in English depending on the ward you live in, so please check the official ward office website for all the details.

The kind of document you would need to submit depends on the kind of move you’ll be making. For moves within the same ward, you would only need a  転居届 (tenkyo todoke). If you will be moving from one ward to another, you would first need to get a 転出 (tenshutsu todoke) from your old ward, to submit with a → 転入 (tennyuu todoke) to your new ward of residency.

2. Post Office

Usually if you go to a post office and ask for a 転居届 (tenkyo todoke), they should have a dedicated, mailable form that you can fill out with your personal information, details about your old and new address. Once you’re done, you can just drop it off into the post and you’re good to go.

3. Bank

This differs depending on the bank. If you would have a phone app linked to your account, I think it might be possible to change your address from there, but the safest bet would be to go to a branch of choice in person. Banks should have staff ready to assist with this, and should also have a dedicated form for that as well.


For matters related to this, please get in touch with your company’s Human Resources department, or Student Services office if you’re still in school.